• 19 December 2019
  • 9 January 2020

Application process exclusively through the online platform www.finantaripublice.fdsc.ro

  • Medium grants

between 50.001 and 100.000 Euro

  • Large grants

between 100,001 and 250,000 Euro

11 March 2020; 16:00 (Romanian time)

In the attention of the Applicants to Call #7 - Clarifications regarding the Annex 2a - Project budget, Correlations+Limitations worksheet 

In case the total value of the budget (grant + co-financing) exceeds the maximum amount allowed for the selected type of grant, please DO NOT take into account the message The maximum amount allowed for the selected type of grant you want to apply is exceeded, if all other messages are“OK”, in the Correlations+Limitations worksheet.

The objective of this Call is to advocate at local/ national level for social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups and empower vulnerable groups.

The Call is launched under the Programme Outcome 3 - Vulnerable groups are empowered and covers one area of support of the Active Citizens Fund in Romania, respectively „Social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups”.

Eligible applicants are exclusively legally established Romanian non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs).

Project grant rate can be up to 90% of the total eligible costs of the project.

Eligible projects support NGOs to tackle the causes of exclusion and injustice for specific vulnerable groups and increase their inclusion. Interventions should lead to sustainable changessuch as new/improved policies/legislation, implementation of existing policies/legislation, positive changes in the general public attitudes/practices, etc.

There are supported NGOs to:

  • advocate for social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups,
  • activate and empower vulnerable groups,
  • have a strong participatory approach,
  • have a multi-stakeholder approach,
  • make good use of the existing local resources in the targeted community to enhance social inclusion of vulnerable groups,
  • increase access of vulnerable groups to education, medical services, housing, employment, social services, etc., as well as to increase the quality of the services,
  • to develop integrated/ new models of services meant to address the needs of vulnerable groups.

Under this Call, represents added value the partnership with other NGOs with complementary expertise for a sustainable intervention and an integrated approach.

It is indispensable to read the Guidelines for Applicants which contains specific information for the preparation of applications and the rules for this Call (including eligibility of applicants, partners, projects).