This section contains key information on the type of support that the Fund Operator intends to provide to civil society organisations throughout the duration of the programme Active Citizens Romania.

During the PROJECT PREPARATION PHASE , the Fund Operator:

  • Organises information sessions on the launched calls and application process for potential applicants. For the first round of Calls for projects the offline sessions will be organised in cities such as Bucharest, Iași, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova. The calendar of the information sessions will be published on the website prior to their implementation. The schedule for the first round of Calls for proposals can be found below. For the second round of Calls for proposals (estimated launch period: September – November 2020), information about the cities in which the information sessions will be organised and their calendar will be published on the website at least two weeks prior to their implementation;
  • Provides support (by phone, email) to potential applicants to answer questions regarding the launched Calls; The Guidelines for applicants for each Call contains clear information on the contact details of the persons who offer this type of support. Also, a centralised list of these contact details (valid for the first round of Calls) can be consulted HERE;
  • Provides support for small organisations through dedicated information and assistance sessions. The schedule of the sessions organised for the first round of Calls for proposals can be found below;
  • Centralises and publishes on the website of the programmes the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the answers for them, provided that these can be useful for other potential applicants also;
  • Organises thematic working sessions (offline and webinars) to clarify concepts, share experiences and thus improve project ideas and potential collaborations (in particular for areas less represented in the nongovernmental sector: human rights and combating discrimination, advocacy, environment & climate change, gender based-violence, gender equality, youth inclusion). The schedule of the thematic sessions for the first round of Calls for proposals can be found below;
  • Publishes an organisational development matrixon the website of the programme, that offers to organisations interested in their development the possibility to identify their needs, strengths and weaknesses on the following dimensions: Governance, Financial aspects, Information management, Monitoring and evaluation, Organisational structure, Leadership, Human resources management, Beneficiary involvement, Advocacy and External communication.

During the PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PHASE , the Fund Operator:

  • Provides continuous support and coaching in understanding contract provisions and implementation rulesThe Fund Operator’s pool of experts will provide assistance on implementation issues to project promoters (by phone, skype, email, meetings) throughout the project life-cycle. This support is tailor-made, based on the specific needs for support of the project promoters. It will contribute to developing organisational management capacities;
  • Organises trainings on project management, financial management for all project promoters at the beginning of the project implementation;
  • Facilitates and encourages peer learning and sharing among project promoters through organising thematic networking sessions on various areas of support of the programme;
  • Publishes regularly information and documented good practices

Active Citizens Fund Romania: January - March 2020 Event Calendar


The presentations held at the information session that took place in Bucharest on January 27, 2020 can be accessed below, in Romanian. Please note that these are synthetic presentations and have a strictly informative role. In case of inconsistencies between these presentations and the Guidelines for Applicants/Annexes for each call, the provisions of the latter shall prevail over the presentations.