The “Building capacity for collective impact and knowledge on CSOs ecosystem” project follows two core complementary objectives:

  • to improve the evidence-based knowledge on the CSO ecosystem in Romania with respect to its size, evolution, values and impact generated at societal level
  • to build awareness, expertise and practical skills for CSOs on impact measurement with focus on the envisaged change and the power of collective experiences

The methodological approach of the programme combines the research and data analysis on the functioning and evolution of the Romanian civil society sector with the learning intervention reaching directly at least 80 CSOs that develop their expertise in impact assessment and working (efficiently) within a network. Thus, the main actions focus on:

  • Documenting the CSO ecosystem in Romania & promoting collective impact practices by conducting a comprehensive study on the Romanian NGO sector (2024) based on the methodology that CSDF has developed in two previous editions (2010 and 2017), with increased focused on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the CSOs work.
  • Learning lab programme: combining training for at least 80 organizations at local/ regional level and tailored action planning for development to build/ reskill their abilities for social impact assessment/ measuring, to place the organizational impact in the local context and the network of stakeholders relevant for their field of intervention and to agree on collective actions during the programme as part of a community of practice and benefitting of tailored coaching and mentoring.

The project "Building capacity for collective impact and knowledge on CSOs ecosystem" benefits from a funding of 300 000 euros through the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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#impact3: cum construim impact colectiv în sectorul societății civile?

We know that nongovernmental organizations in Romania are ready and able to invest in their own development. How do we know it? Over the last 30 years, the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) has worked with and for civil society organizations in Romania and we have constantly noticed their evolution, confirming the fac that the sector is maturing and is motivated towards constant improvement.

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