This section contains key information on the type of support that the Fund Operator intends to provide to civil society organisations throughout the duration of the programme Active Citizens Romania.

During the PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PHASE , the Fund Operator:

  • Provides continuous support and coaching in understanding contract provisions and implementation rulesThe Fund Operator’s pool of experts will provide assistance on implementation issues to project promoters (by phone, skype, email, meetings) throughout the project life-cycle. This support is tailor-made, based on the specific needs for support of the project promoters. It will contribute to developing organisational management capacities;
  • Organises trainings on project management, financial management for all project promoters at the beginning of the project implementation;
  • Facilitates and encourages peer learning and sharing among project promoters through organising thematic networking sessions on various areas of support of the programme;
  • Publishes regularly information and documented good practices