We hear around us how the social, economic and environmental situation is degrading, how politics no longer represent us, how systems no longer work, how people are no longer engaged. We want to live in a civilized country but we can find no other solution than to emigrate. What is there to do? What are WE going to do?

From the experience of the last 25 years, we know that part of the solution lies in the power of the civil society. Power given by organizations capable of representing the rights and interests of people and by active citizens, involved and prepared to change realities we face for the better, both for them and their communities. And the most motivated and capable of making a stronger civil society are the young people!

We call these young people #trillenials - the generation of young people engaged in the civi space that will bring the third sector - the civil society sector - to the next level. For these young people we forged Program3 - a movement, a school, a space for learning, for motivation, connection and practice that will contribute to the continuous development of the Romanian civil society and not only.

The Program3 proposes an approach based on 3 principles:

  • Radical learning through paradigm shift - we learn from the past and present, propose new approaches, connect to new trends and change the world on the basis of sound principles of democracy, rule of law and human rights for all.
  • Ceci n`est pas du leadership - on the principle that the map is not the territory, leadership is not the goal. The #trillenials generation goes beyond influencer-follower duality and does things..
  • We take it personally and we do it together - we care, we are constantly involved in our own learning process, with our mind, body and heart, we allow ourselves to make mistakes, we bring networking and cooperation exponential to third and we learn to collaborate with an ego on snooze.

The society in which you want to live is not an ideal, it is a reality.

#haide build this reality.

#haide make the civil society stronger, together.

#haide get started with the Program3!

The Program3 is a long-term learning program for current and future young people involved in the third sector/ the civil society sector, a school for those who want to contribute to the development of civil society in Romania and beyond.

Why is there a need for the Program3?

  • According to the latest Romanian studies, there are not enough new people working for the third sector, even though the interest for getting involved in civic actions has increased;
  • While most employees in the NGO sector are between 25 and 34 years old, most leaders in the sector have been involved in managing the organisations for more than 8 years, so there is a need for new generations;
  • Such a program dedicated to the people involved in the civil society does not exist in this form in Romania; we need a format that brings together people interested in developing the third sector through new approaches, while learning from professionals in the field.

Who can be part of the Program3?

From our perspective #trillenials are those young people who are at least 18 years old, who know some things about civil society and about working in and NGO, but they do not necessarily have much practice in the field. They are interested in social, civic topics, even if they do not master them. They have volunteered and are willing to become more involved in associative structures, but they still do not have enough experience to deal with NGO issues. They have not yet found their place in the NGO sector, but they do not want to give it up. Maybe they flirted with the idea of entrepreneurship and realized that, in fact, the NGO is the new start-up.

What happens in the Program3?

Program3 proposes a one year learning process, structured in two semesters with a predefined curriculum, to which is added a customized learning process, according to the needs and interests of each trillenial, as follows:

  • The first semester will be dedicated to the technical contents of working in an NGO with introduction to NGOs and development of essential working skills in NGOs.

  • The second semester will be dedicated to the thematic contents related to the involvement of the community at local level through community development, techniques and methods of public participation, projects in the benefit of the community.

Program3 is
  • is a product developed within the project "Developing Youth NGO Leadership".
  • funded by the Active Citizens Fund Romania.
  • part of the SEE and Norwegian Grants 2014 - 2021.
  • implemented in the consortium formed by the Civil Society Development Foundation, the Resource Center for Roma Communities and Frivillighet Norge.

Pentru întrebări sau clarificări, nu ezita să ne contactezi:

Vlad Dumitrescu

The Civil Society Development Foundation

Tel: 0745.122.191


Robert Matei

Resource Center for Roma Communities

Marte Oraug Skogtrø

Frivillighet Norge