It is important to keep your appointment and attend the meeting! There are NGOs that would like to attend but there are no more places, so we advice you to cancel it if you cannot attend the meeting.


Based on the successful results obtained in the past, when the previous NGO Fund significantly facilitated mutual learning and understanding among Romanian and donor state organisations, the new Active Citizens Fund Romania programme relies on lessons learned and focuses on enhancing sustainable partnerships in areas where the expertise of organisations is most effectively capitalized for the benefit of the civil society.

Given that we have opened the second round of Calls for Proposals for the Active Citizens Fund Romania, we invite non-governmental organizations from Romania, interested in bilateral partnerships with entities from the donor statesIceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, to individual one-on-one meetings, between March 29 and April 9, 2021,where the ACF Romania team will provide you with direct support for identifying partners from donor states.

Depending on the needs of the project proposals designed to be submitted for funding under the Active Citizens Fund, during these individual meetings we will have half an hour at our disposal to discuss possible partners from donor states that can come with added value for your projects. No selection is made for these meetings. Please select from the calendar available HERE one preferred date and time for the short online discussion, the registration for the meeting is done automatically.

For any additional info do not hesitate to contact us:

Civil Society Development Foundation, Vlad Dumitrescu, Program Manager

Tel: +40 745 122 191