The Civil Society Development Foundation organizes under the Funding Programme Active Citizens Fund Romania, an information session (webinar) with the scope of presenting the Calls #9 and #11which have been launched in August this year.

The objective of the information session is to familiarise the potential applicants with the specifics of the Calls #9 and #11, to facilitate a better understanding of the objectives of the calls, the eligible projects, the expected results, and the application process.

Overview of the Programme

Presentation of the specifics of Calls #9 and #11

Budget and eligible costs

Application and evaluation procedure

Question and answer session

Any questions related to the these calls within the funding programme Active Citizens Fund Romania can be transmitted via email to and Responses will be provided during the information session.

The organisations interested in participating are invited to complete the application form available hereuntil Wednesday, September 9, 16:00 (Romanian time). Once registered, they will receive an email with the access details by Wednesday, September 9, 18:00 (Romanian time).

The event is exclusively addressed to non-governmental organisations and the maximum number of participants can be 100 persons. Registrations will be closed once this number is reached.

Contact person for further information: Daniela Mita ( Civil Society Development Foundation) - 0758 231 015