The Active Citizens Fund Romania program is about to launch a new series of Calls for proposals. For this reason, we invite non-governmental organizations from Romania interested in bilateral partnerships with entities from donor states to follow us live in the next two months, on the Facebook  page of the program, where we will have a series of conversations with organizations from Norway and Iceland.

We also invite organizations from Romania and donor states on the same Facebook page to follow a series of audio recordings referring to the funding program and the role of the involvement of organizations from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in partnership projects.

The purpose of these live sessions and recordings is to discover realities of civil society in donor statesespecially Norway and Iceland, and to broaden the understanding of organizations in Romania and donor states with reference to the (different) development context of these states, in order to calibrate future possible project partnership proposals submitted under the program. During the events, we expect to share with you information about Active Citizens Fund Romania from the perspective of bilateral relations and to create a space for understanding the realities in Romania and the donor states with reference to important aspects for the program.

The working language for these activities will be English and no translation / interpretation services will be provided. The recordings will be promoted on the program's Facebook page and you can already have in mind the following calendar for the live conversations:


About civil society in Norway


About civil society in Iceland

About strengthening bilateral relations with donor states