#haide la Active Citizens 4 Human Rights // martie – octombrie 2021

Active Citizens 4 Human Rights, an online and offline capacity building program for human rights NGOs. It will run from March to October 2021, with monthly online meetings and an offline event in Oslo, Norway. The program is organized by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, the entity designated to deal with bilateral relations on behalf of Norway under the Active Citizens Fund and the Civil Society Development Foundation and Frivillighet Norge, on behalf of Active Citizens Fund Romania.

#haide let`s talk about bilateral relations throughout October, November and December

The Active Citizens Fund Romania program is about to launch a new series of Calls for proposals. For this reason, we invite non-governmental organizations from Romania interested in bilateral partnerships with entities from donor states to follow us live in the next two months, on the Facebook page of the program, where we will have a series of conversations with organizations from Norway and Iceland.

Let`s #getbilateral @ the Online Matchmaking Week // 2-6 November 2020

Given that there are a series of Calls for Proposals to be launched for the Active Citizens Fund Romania, we invite non-governmental organizations from Romania, interested in bilateral partnerships with entities from the donor states Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, to the first online meetings that facilitate interaction and discussions on opportunities for cooperation and development of partnerships (Online Matchmaking Week), meetings to be organized online between 2nd and 6th of November 2020, within the Fund for Bilateral Relations.

Let`s #getbilateral @ our online matchmaking cafés // 15 – 29 September 2020

We finished the series of online matchmaking cafes
The 3 online events were organized in September 2020 in order to discover thematic realities from Romania and donor states and they brought together 15 organizations from Norway and Iceland and 35 organizations from Romania. The organizations were informed and discussed on specific topics important for the Active Citizens Fund Romania program. In short, we present you some general ideas brought up from the conversations.

#haide la Matchmaking Seminar – Active Citizens Fund România

Operatorul de Fond al noului program Active Citizens Fund România are plăcerea de a vă anunța și de a vă invita la primul Seminar pentru facilitarea interacţiunii şi discuţiilor privind oportunităţile de cooperare şi dezvoltare de parteneriate (Matchmaking Seminar) organizat în București, România, în perioada 9 – 11 octombrie 2019, în cadrul Fondului pentru Relații Bilaterale.